An Ordinary Family is an award-winning dramatic comedy about one family, two brothers and a really big problem. Thomas Biederman is blindsided when his estranged brother, Seth, shows up unannounced to the annual family vacation… with his boyfriend.
Despite Seth’s well-meaning attempt to surprise everyone, things do not go as planned, which throws Thomas and the family into an awkward week-long vacation where everyone has problems and no one wants to talk about them. Lovable and relatable, An Ordinary Family “gently merges family drama with many nicely realized comedic moments.” (Kirk Honeycutt – The Hollywood Reporter)


You can book a screening of the film at a THEATER NEAR YOU, buy the DVD or digital download or rent it through your favorite digital channel. We’re even on Cable OnDemand! Check out the links on the right and plan a party with the family!

6 Responses

  1. AN ORDINARY FAMILY, a must see film for everyone who has been on a family vacation and by the third day someone goes bat shit crazy:)

  2. Chad Miller

    Whatever they’re drinking, I want some.

    But seriously, I do.

    But even more seriously, I hope you share this movie with your family and friends. It’s bloody good without the gore. And the Griswolds with some gay.

  3. celia fiol

    Would like to know when this wonderful movie will be available to buy or rent.
    Thank you!

  4. Heather

    Can’t wait to buy this on payday Friday! Great job, Mike!

  5. David

    Loved loved loved this movie. Will be buying it and giving at presents.

  6. David

    I loved this movie very much. I would like to know what songs were used as background music, one of the songs I liked for sure. Great movie, hope everyone gets to see it.

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